Building up youth through an edifying education.

An edifying education is built on the wisdom of God and the beauty of His creation.

Offering insights, resources, consulting, tutoring, and interactive, confidence-building classes for youth ages 10 and up using the Word of God and Charlotte Mason principles.


Online Classes


A Simplified Version of the Charlotte Mason's Principles

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An Edifying Journal

A collection of edifying words…

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Enriching Materials

Intentionally selected reading material to build up youth

Middle & High School

All materials designed to enrich a small class of  middle and high school students

Simply Convienent

Classes are online and accessible through the Zoom Platform

about my classes!

“I enjoyed hearing my son laugh and enjoy the class. Plus his reading and comprehension skills have improved.”

Pam, Tennessee

“We both agree that she has become more aware of topics that she wouldn't have necessarily been interested in learning.”

CM High Student

“Thank you for having the love, care and patience for the kids and young people. God bless!”

Rosa, California

"I worked with Laura Kotrosa in relation to the Denver Homeschool Convention. I found her to be a person who deeply cares about young people and wants to make a difference in their lives."

Dr. S. M. Davis - Solve Family Problems

The latest from the blog

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I will be sharing simple insights into Miss Mason’s philosophies and methodspractical applications, and encouragement for parents and youth. My heart is to build up youth in these evil days.
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