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About Me

My heart is to help your family thrive.

I am Laura. A disciple of Jesus. A wife, a mother to 2 grown homeschooled sons, a joyful educator and life-long learner.

A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things. ~Matthew 12:35

My heart is to speak to the minds and hearts of middle and high school students in these last days. The days are evil, and it is vital for them to get “good treasure” into their hearts. It is my goal to put good things into the hearts of our youth…

A Little More About Me

I became a home educator in 2009, after reading about the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education, and used it on and off during my 13 years home educating my sons. I still find it the most rewarding way of providing the atmosphere, the discipline and the life that leads to a lifetime of joyful learning and appreciating all of God’s creation. I have been teaching Zoom classes based on the Charlotte Mason philosophy and methods to middle and high school students across the country for three years. I am making my An Edifying Education curriculum available to families and co-ops beginning Fall 2023. I also offer homeschool consulting.

My background includes: curriculum development, creative lesson planning, multi-age classroom management, instruction in all subjects – including hands-on art, science, and math, progress assessment, performance coaching, organizing group field trips, service opportunities, extra-curricular activities, forming co-ops, teacher recruitment, scheduling, creating guidelines and policies, yearbook creation, conflict resolution, support group leadership, Q&A and homeschool training sessions, fundraising, photographing events, standardized testing, state homeschool convention workshop assistant and silent auction coordinator.

In my free time I enjoy nature photography, cooking and baking, studying the scriptures, worshiping God in song and dance.

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I will be sharing simple insights into Miss Mason’s philosophies and methodspractical applications, and encouragement for parents and youth. My heart is to build up youth in these evil days.
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