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“The art which expresses the ambitions and noblest thoughts of its time will alone endure.” ~ Percy Moore Turner

I was blessed recently to visit a museum in Cherbourg, France, a town just down the road from Jean-François Millet’s birthplace, and where he studied art in 1833. Millet is known for casting off the norms of his day, and painting the humble and common peasant. “The simplest incidents of their everyday life did not escape him, and the smallest duty which would have left unaffected a less observant nature has been made the subject of many a fine canvas,” stated Percy Moore Turner. Some of Millet’s famous work include The Sower, The Gleaner, and The Shepherdess.

At the Thomas Henry Museum in Cherbourg, however, I encountered many of his portraits. Two struck me that I wanted to share. They are portraits of his wife, one the day before their wedding, the other shortly before her death only a few years later. Today I’ll share Pauline Ono in a Blue Dress.

Be blessed and enjoy An Edifying Education, no matter your age!



Laura Kotrosa

A disciple of Jesus. A wife, a mother to 2 grown homeschooled sons, a joyful educator and life-long learner.

I’m Laura


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