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Charlotte Mason Morning Enrichment Zoom Classes

Selective, God-honoring, age appropriate literature, hymns, character, folksongs, picture study, poetry, Shakespeare, and Plutarch
  • Begins August 2024
  • One two-hour online class per week
  • Three 12-week terms
  • 12 student maximum class size
  • Cost per week: $12 per student ($10 for each sibling) + Enrollment & Material Fees

CM 1 (~ ages 12-14)

  • Tuesday or Wednesday Class (depends on final enrollment)

CM 2 (~ ages 14+)

  • Wednesday or Thursday Class (depends on final enrollment)

My heart is to speak to the minds and hearts of middle and high school students in these last days, and would love to have your child in my class. I will put “good treasure” into their hearts.


“Mrs. Kotrosa is precious and created such a wonderful atmosphere for the students to learn together.”

Jessica, California

“I have had a lot less trouble with picture study because of having the repetitiveness of doing it every week.”

Nicholas, Tennessee

“Morning in a Pine Forest” by Ivan Shishkin

More testimonies
about my classes!

“Yes! Being around other Christian teens and discussing our different opinions on matters in respectful ways has been so great!”

Natalie, Texas

“I like the way you teach Bible lessons.”

CM High Student

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I will be sharing simple insights into Miss Mason’s philosophies and methodspractical applications, and encouragement for parents and youth. My heart is to build up youth in these evil days.
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